New PCB for the IK3OIL FLL

A new printed circuit board has been  produced that is available as kit as well as build FLL Frequency counter.

The need was felt to make some changes to the printed circuit board of IK3OIL FLL for the following reasons.

1. To make it much easier to mount on a case.

2. To have better connectors .

3. We have used the 7805 larger transistor and not the smaller one 7805L. This was done  as we found the use
   much better in reliability of 7805.

4. The voltage input in old PCB was provided at two points. we have provided a single point for
   connecting 12 Volts.

We have already sold a few of these units. The good thing is that it is very easy now to mount this
Frequency counter in any suitable case.

If you have purchased an FLL before from use and wish to buy this new one again, then do not forget
to ask us for a discount, as we will be providing discounts if you have purchased this kit before.

Some pictures have been published here for our  friends. I hope you enjoy this new model for the
IK3OIL FLL Freq Counter.


Alvin Smith said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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