Low RF Gain In Bitx 3

If you experience low gain in RF amplifier of Bitx 3 Or Bitx Multiband then please check out the

2SC2570.  We request you to kindly change the 2SC2570 .

I have had problem sourcing  good quality 2SC2570 and some of you may have had the
one with low gain, supplied in the KIT

If your 2SC2570 is not as per the picture below then kindly change it with 2N3904. You would need to change the PIN connections for 2N3904 .

The picture below is of a good quality 2SC2570 if you are having this type it is  ok. The lot number is also given on the transistor.

2SC2570  THIS ONE IS OK . 

I could not get a good picture of the one with low gain, as the marking is not good on it, i will post a picture of it soon.


Pranjal Jain said…
hi, I am Pranjal Jain. I have cleared my ASOC exam and waiting for my license to make. I am doing by B.tech in electronics stream from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I am very interested to make my ham station in this summer. So may I get some assistant from you Sir.

With Regards

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