Audio Mute Circuit For Bitx

Bitx had a problem of  noise being generated on pressing the PTT button. The usual way of muting the PIN 3 of LM386 did work  to solve the problem much, although to some extend, while working with Bitx3b i had discussion regarding this problem with Om Blake Bartosh from USA who was also building the Bitx Version3b  and who has also put in a great effort in bringing out the new Bitx3b construction manual.

The idea was to make a project to mute the audio of LM386 completely.
Presented below is a schematic of the audio mute circuit designed and tested by OM Blake Bartosh.

I myself build it and its working perfectly with my bitx3b. This circuit can be used for any tcvr.
The complete assembled kit will be available very soon.

                                           SCHEMATIC OF BITX AUDIO MUTE CIRCUIT                          

                                           VIDEO OF BITX AUDIO MUTE CIRCUIT                          



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