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Friday, July 18, 2014

Bitx Version 3C

For those of you wishing to build the Bitx 3 with ADE-1 Mixers the good news is that the PCB's are ready for the Bitx Version 3C.   There have been no other changes in Bitx 3C

The Bitx3C has been tested and performance is good. I shall publish a video soon of a working set.
 Published below are two pictures of Bitx3C.

Bitx Version 3C Solder Side with ADE-1 Mixers
Bitx Version 3C Components Side 
      The Bitx Version 3C PCB And kit will be available by next week onwards.


Unknown said...

Estou intereçado em receber um bitx kit para os 40mts como faço?

Kodim 0901/Samarinda said...

I am very interested in a good BITX are you interested in selling it for me my address is in Indonesia my tel no is 082255140457 thank you

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