All About Bitx Version 3 Series.

Lately I have been asked about our Bitx 3 series transceivers if they are for single band or multi band and what difference our Bitx Kits have between our various versions.

Here is a question I received recently from one of our Radio Amateur member by email.

I am looking for the latest model of the Bitx that can work digital modes.
I must admit, I an unable to understand what are the Bitx's versions: Is it a single band QRP TRC, or is it multiplicand TRC with LIN Amp, and what is the latest model.


Our Answer to the questions:

The Bitx version 3 series transceivers  we are selling are all mono banders i.e. single band ssb qrp tcvr. 

The First Bitx kit we started was "Bitx Version 3" ;From the original design of OM Ashar Farhan, Bitx20, further with minor modifications,which were done by Om Rahul Srivatava VU3WJM. 

Later we came out with some new versions Bitx3B Bitx3C with mods done by us. 

1. Bitx3B this version has some changes like the VFO is now controlled and integrated with the famous IK3OIL FLL.  So the VFO is now with varactor control tuning, using 1sv149 varactor diode, which can cover 350KHZ. The mic amp has an extra pre amplifier added. 

Some minor changes were done in PA switching TX RX; overall it has been improved upon the older Bitx Ver 3. The Ver 3B also uses the Diode Ring Mixers and Toroids, in the product detector and mixer.

2. We have Bitx version 3C, which are in two versions.

a. Bitx3C using ADE-1 Mixers.

b. Bitx3C using SBL-1 Mixers.

Other features are same as Bitx3B.

3. AGC and Audio Mute stages have been added in Bitx3b Bitx3c 

For digital modes you can use the Bitx3C SBL-1 or Bitx3C with ADE-1 mixers.

Hope I have been able to clear your doubts.


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