New Universal Ham Radio Project Case

We are glad to bring you  a new Universal Ham Radio Project Case, which comes in some very nice colors Blue And Maroon with two models to chose from. The case is made with Aluminium sheet and glossy paint Blue And maroon

The case is small in size  and the Bitx SMD pcb fits on the holes specially made for its size.
The case is universal and can be used in any project a person wishes to use it. Like it could be used for.

1. Transceiver Bitx 40mt SMD or other .
2. For a shortwave receiver Like our new Taurus receiver or any other home brew receiver .
3. For enclosing a DDS, as the LCD and tuning provision is already made.
4. For any other project you may find suitable.

                                         PICTURES OF OUR NEW UNIVERSAL CASE.

                              Blue Color Model 1  Universal Case

                             Top And Bottom Cover
                              Side Cover Ventilation With Top cover for speaker

                              Back Cover   Power, Fuse AC In And Antenna SO239

                              Blue Color Model 2  Universal Case

                              Maroon  Color Model 1  Universal Case

                              Side Cover Ventilation  With Top cover for speaker

                              Back Cover   Power, Fuse AC In And Antenna SO239

                             Maroon Color Model 2  Universal Case

We hope you will surely like to built your Bitx smd and other projects in our case . The price has
been kept affordable for all.

The case will be available from our ebay store and our website by this Monday 19/June/2017

Have a great day and do drop in your feedback.
best of 73s


Unknown said…
To nitpick, your "maroon" appears to be more what we in the US would call "fire engine red." I would simply refer to it as "red" in the description. It does look very nice, and should prove popular with the bitx crowd.
Unknown said…
Thanks for your feedback my friend.

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