Bitx Version 3 Updates By Om Leonard [First Mixer Section]

First Mixer section

This section is a little harder to understand. I've included a picture to help show the diodes placement. The colors below are the wire color connections if you use red, brown, and green wire. If you use different colors, substitute them for mine.

We need to wind the trifilar transformers. Use the small binocular cores and wind 13 turns of trifilar wire onto the cores. 1 turn is a trip through both holes ending up where you started. We need 2 transformers. I had red, green, and brown #28 wire. The cores aren't big enough to use larger wire. The original drawing called for #32 but the size doesn't make much difference as long as it will fit into the core. The different colors make keeping the windings straight easier. When pulling the wire through the holes in the cores, be careful not to scrape the insulation off. The binocular cores can have sharp edges. When you are done, it should look like this.

Now you can place them on the board as shown above. The final placement should look like this.

Notice the direction of the bands on the diodes. Make sure the leads don't short together.


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