Bitx Manual And ACP Cabinet for Bitx Version 3

Om Leonard is working on the Bitx Version 3 Manual and he has completed some sections, hopefully the complete manual should be complete soon.
The Bitx version 3 PCB is getting a new silk screen so now the component placement will be much clearer from the earlier one. The Linear board is also getting a silk screen according to the components placement as suggested by Leonard modifications.
Hope fully we are moving in the right direction and making the Bitx version 3 more easy to construct by providing the correct info for components.

A new poll has been put up for an ACP cabinet for Bitx, kindly take part in poll and let us know your opinion on it.
Kind regards to all.
Sunil Lakhani VU3SUA


Anonymous said…
when will the new boards be avable?

thanks ray
Sunil Lakhani said…
The New Boards with a better silk screen for the Bitx PCB and the Linear PCB will be available this weekend.


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