CW For Bitx and CW Filter

It gives me great pleasure in introducing my friend Om Tony Fletcher m0pkd from the
United Kingdom. Tony had purchased a Bitx Version 3 kit from my ebay shop and in a very short time had build the receiver of the Bitx.
It is an appreciated effort on the part of Tony as this is his first home brew for a
SSB TCVR as Tony as an cw enthusiast.

Tony has also come up with a simple solution for the Bitx to work on a 400 Khz cw filter,which can be switched for ssb/cw
The circuit is posted here

I am presenting one more circuit sent to me by Tony ,this circuit for the benefit of all wishing to add cw to their Bitx with a very little work.

We thank Tony for his great effort in making the Bitx to work on a filter suitable for cw mode with a very simple technique.


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