Bitx With Multiple Options

My Friend Tony Fletcher m0pkd from U.K has been the instrumental force in making the Bitx a muti bander.

Tony has worked endlessly in designing PCB for different modules that can be used in Bitx.
He has picked up selected tried projects and developed PCB's for them.
Now we have a spectrum of choice for Bitx. What you can do with Bitx now? well anything!
Plug and Play modules : Add any module you like to the basic board.PCB shortly available for projects given below:-

1. Multi Band Bandpass Filters
2. Multi Band Low Pass Filters
3. DDS
3. FLL
4. Multiband VFO
5. R.I.T
6. R.F. Gain Control Manual
7. AGC
8. S.Meter Led Type
9. S.Meter Bar Type
10.C.W Module
11.USB.LSB,CW Filter
12.Selectable BFO for LSB/USB/CW
13.Microphone Pre Amplifier.
14.ARRL design 30 Watts linear

New Projects will be added constantly

Tony has conveyed a message that we are required to add the modules with our Bitx and see how they perform,once we know any short comings then we can modify them.
It would be great to see the Bitx maturing into a advanced tcvr.
We will always have the different versions, from the basic Bitx to the advanced Bitx in many versions.

Mind you all this modules can be used in any tcvr that requires a certain stage to be added.

My greatest compliments to Om Tony, Rahul, Leonard, Farhan, and all the Bitx members who have put in their time and effort in making Bitx one the greatest qrp projects.



My kind request to all members,kindly add yourself to the cq bitx followers list.


Anonymous said…
The purpose of modular construction is to allow fellow Amateurs the chance to develope and mature the Bitx into a cost effective multiband stable transceiver ,to gather circuit ideas and bring nessary features to an already proven wonder.
We welcome your ideas,modifications and imput wich will allow some of these features to be brought forward to be incorperated into the next version of Bitx .
The hardest part of any project is the pcb board, wich because of modular construction will allow people to devolpe there own idea's .
These are just building block tools to allow your buget to control the speed your bitx developes .
Please forward any pcb module idea's you have to Sunil ,for pcb board developement ,and we can make your module another building block for others .
Once the Bitx has reach the level were it is multiband and multimode,and stable the version 4 will be made to include the many parts on a single main pcb board .
Tony Fletcher m0pkd

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