The last laugh

After introducing the toroid kit for Bitx Version 3 I also felt the need to try out how the Bitx Version 3 performed with the toroid cores as mentioned by Leonard and as a part of the new Bitx kit.

So I began with a new set of boards and in a few days I was able to complete all the stages and the time had come to test the rx section of my Bitx.

I had the FLL Counter connected for checking the drift in the Bitx and making my vfo stable with its enhanced stability feature.

As I had checked the BFO and VFO frequencies, I had not checked the audio quality of rx only the voltages that were on the I.C pins. I had assumed the rx would be ok,
as I switched the rx I was welcomed by a strong audio which made me pleased that the rx had started well, but my excitement did not last for long, what followed was a motorboating type of noise and hum, which the rx was picking up.
My first doubt was on the FLL, so I removed and disconnected it from the Bitx,
but this did not cure the problem.
After looking around I decided to only connect the audio amp and see the results, and yes the noise was still there.This confirmed that the audio amp was picking up some hum from a source.

It was my last laugh when I came to know the problem.The culprit was the SMPS
12V adopter supply I have for checking some projects. It did not occur to me that I should not use it.

I connected my small 12v 7ah battery and was greeted with a cool audio and a very good RF signals. I connected the FLL back which did not emit any hum and which is also working real cool, it is giving a pleasing readout, and making the vfo stable at the same time.

I heard a few strong VU stations on the Bitx and the quality is some what better then with binocular cores.

I will put up some pics soon with the FLL in operation with the Bitx, both are doing a very good job.

This post is just been written to be careful in not connecting an SMPS supply , that would make you go in looking for the problem like me, as we age we loose the sharpness of the mind and perform dumb mistakes like I did. Hi. Hi

Best 73's

Sunil VU3SUA


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