Bitx 3 Mono Bander 7 & 14 Mhz By Om Ross Bell VK3BEL

We have our latest Bitx Version 3  pictures coming from Australia sent by OM Ross Bell VK3BEL .
Ross has done an extreme good job in making the Bitx 3 for 2 bands 7 and 14 Mhz and he plans to make
it for 3.5 Mhz also . Ross had purchased the Bandpass  and low pass PCB from us and he is the first one
to use them . As more details come in from Ross I will keep posting for all friends.

Ross has already had a few contacts with his Bitx. He has some drift but that would be solved by using NPO capacitors in VFO.

Here are the pictures of Bitx Version 3 By OM Ross Bell VK3BEL

Great Looks 

Smart Building



Its Here Bitx 3 Mono Bander 7 & 14 Mhz


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