Bitx Version 3 New Look . Build By Om Ron Nesler W4DNQ

After getting the case made for Bitx Version 3 and  shipping some case's world wide , now we have some great pictures being sent by our friends.

These  pictures are  sent by Om Ron Nesler W4DNQ with Bitx Version 3 in the case shipped by us.

We thank Ron for being kind to share his pictures and we also compliment him for making the Bitx 3 in such a short time.

Ron has made use of   DDS by N3ZI Kits.  It looks great. Ron is still working on the RF Gain and Filters which he plans to install soon.


                                        Bitx Version 3  Build By  Om Ron Nesler W4DNQ


Inside View Of Bitx Version 3 . Great Construction.


                                          Inside View Bitx Version 3 . Close View

 Bitx 3 Case has a Fan. S.Meter,LCD Display and Speaker Mounting facilities.

                Bitx Version 3 look . Fan.BNC.On/OFF Switch.Morse Key Provision.

              Bitx Version 3 In A New Look : )   RON NESLER W4DNQ  BITX 3

More interesting news  will be coming in, as some club's are making the Bitx 3 as club project.

I will update on these news soon.

Best of 73's



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