Bitx20 Launch

 The Bitx20 website has been launched after remaining unfinished for a long time. The website will give in more details and comprehensive info regarding Bitx version 3.

Rahul  VU3WJM is working on some mods which should make the Bitx version 3 much more better and the errors presently in documents or schematics should be done away it. We would add some extra features , which we will mention when we have incorporated them in the new pcb's.

Also soon we will put on sale  PCB for LSB/USB change,  Crystal Filter For SSB/CW,Band Pass and Low Pass Filter PCB.   We are waiting for TOKO coils so that we can give complete kits for Bandpass and Lowpass Filters.

New items will be placed on Bitx20 site  soon, so keep a watch on the site
If you have any suggestions for the website then kindly do email your suggestions.

I would like to give a special thanks to all my friends who have visited bitx20 site and left their kind
comments in the guest book :)   Very much appreciated.

Best of 73s


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