Building Bitx 3 , by the BiTX20 building group at 147.120 Tech Net

If you  want to keep a track of building Bitx Version 3 with the way friends at the 147.120 Tech Net are doing. Then please do visit their blog and see how a group project is being build with club members with test equipments.
They have build the FLL Kit which was start of their project.  Here is the link

The second meeting was to take up Bitx Bandpass Filter. Here is the link to the building and measurement with test instruments.

I think the test equipments have not helped them decide the correct capacitor.  We have made many Bitx and found 39 Pf the best value. That has been tested  in practical receiving and transmitting.   Lets see what is the outcome for club in the next meet.

The error in print is regretted . The PCB shows 68Pf but we have advised for 39PF.

All the best friends


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