Bitx-3 By Marcel Jacobs- Netherlands PE1LNX

Good News coming in From Netherlands our good friend Marcel Jacobs   PE1LNX , has completed his Bix Version 3 and sent us some beautiful pictures of his astonishing Bitx-3.

Marcel has constructed the Bitx in a very  attractive case , which happens to be an old transmitter.
The handle and Meter are giving it a professional look. Congratulations Marcel .

Here are some words straight from  Jacob  Marcel on his Bitx..

"As promised, I sent you some pictures of my final version of the BITX20 with the FLL VFO. The housing is an old air navigation beacon transmitter. 

As you can see, I didn’t assemble the PA completely, because I am still busy, building the 4 meter version.
Because of my vacation, and very good weather, is goes on a little bit slowly. But I will keep on going."


Thanks again Jacob, keep the good work going....

As I have a policy of giving exposure to every one who makes the Bitx-3. This time the honor goes to Jacob Marcel for his Bitx.
I greatly appreciate all my friends who have contributed their pictures and videos of Bitx, And hope to keep this system working ......

Best of 73s and Good Luck



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