Bitx Version 3 B PCB's Components Layout

After much hard work for a few months the PCB's for the Bitx Version 3 B are ready. Very soon we will start accepting orders for the Bitx Ver 3 B  Kits.  The case is also ready we will be sharing the pictures very soon.

Highlights for the Bitx Version 3 B

1. Basic Operation 20mt band kit

2. VFO  Varactor Tuned

3. Inbuilt Mic Pre Amplifier

4. Audio Mute on TX

5. No Hissing of RX on receive,as a filter is used in audio to suppress the hissing sound

6. Full connectivity of FLL counter and  control for VFO drift

7. Connection points for Freq Counter FLL Type

8. AGC Module Extra Mounted on VU Meter.

This design is an upgrade from Bitx Version 3.  The original Bitx design belongs to the author OM Farhan from India.

This new design was suggested by a few Italian Hams, we took the Basic design and added further mods.

The design made by Italian Hams did not have the Connections and buffer in VFO for the FLL Freq counter,or the anit hissing filter in the audio amplifier. nor the AGC module, which is mounted on back of a VU Meter. So we had to do a lot of testing after making several boards and testing them we finally made these boards.

The good news is that the Manual is being made by OM Leaonard , who has a great experience with the Bitx 3 and Bitx 20a

The Manual may take some time. The basic manual is same only with certain changes in the VFO, Audio and TX Pre amp. So we will presently provide with some head on start notes.


                                                                   BITX VERSION 3 B

                                                                   AGC MODULE  


                                                            LINEAR AMP


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