Pictures Bitx Version 3 B

At last we have the Bitx 3 B just about ready to be offered as a Kit.

Its a great moment to share some pictures of the Bitx version 3 B .

The pictures are of the Bitx 3B case, PCB set.. Exiter-PA-AGC Module.

A semi finished Bitx 3 B board is also shown.

The process of packing of Kits is on and very soon the sale will start.

I will also upload a video of the working prototype soon, in fact i had already tested 2 boards

earlier .

The complete manual of Bitx 3 B is not ready,but we have details for all the changes and the
schematics too, which will be uploaded on our website very soon.

Best of 73s.

                 BITX VERSION 3 B PICTURES


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