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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bitx3B High Resolution Pictures

We are publishing some latest and very clear pictures of high resolution for Bitx3B Exciter-PA-AGC and Audio Mute modules.

Hope it helps the builders with location of part values etc.

Bitx3B Exciter-PA-AGC-Audio Mute


Audio Mute

VFO Stage Bitx3B 

Bitx 3B PA
Bitx3B Exciter 


Mike Yancey said...

What component / value is "Z"' lower left, next to Mic Gain pins?

Sunil Lakhani said...

' Z ' by default is a jumper, but if you find the 10K mic gain control is not sufficiently adjusting mic gain as per your satisfaction then you could use a resistance in Z by this a resistance is added in series with 10k mic gain control. try values 2k2 to 10K

best of 73s

Mike Yancey said...

AHHH - excellent, thank you!
Yes, that would make sense - currently mic gain is all in the first 5% or so of the control. Perhaps 10k would bring that out a bit. I'll experiment.
Thank YOU!
(EXCELLENT PCB's, BTW - many thanks).

Mike Yancey
Dallas, Texas

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