AGC Bitx

In our earlier pictures for the AGC module, there was a connector placed in a wrong direction and also the trimmers were placed in the opposite direction.

We are publishing the correct placement again for the mentioned items.
Some care is to be taken in  handing the VU meter as it is quite fragile. Instead of soldering the pins of VU Meter to the AGC pcb it would be better to solder short piece of wire pair and connect to the AGC pcb.

The audio mute pcb is overlapping the PA pcb this happened as the PA pcb was modified for the diode RXcut off switch, suitable spacers can be provided to raise the hight of the audio mute pcb while fixing on the case.


Apek said…
When can we expect the full kit with DDS to be available in the *.in store or the ebay store?
Sunil Lakhani said…
By Starting of October 2015 we should be selling Bitx kits with DDS, the info shall be posted on cqbitx blog.

Thanks and best of 73s

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