Bitx Version 3C SBL-1 With DDS

As promised earlier I am publishing some pictures of the Bitx3C SBL-1 with a DDS for 20mt band.
The set is working absolutely fine with good receive and transmit of 7 watts.

This present set is mono band, but the idea was to use a DDS and also provide DDS with the Bitx 3 kits.

Bitx Version 3C SBL DDS 

Top View 

PA Bitx 


Bitx3C SBL-1 Exciter 

Very soon video of Bitx3C SBL-1 with DDS will be put up on this site and You Tube.


Jason said…
I'm excited to see the updated kit with the DDS. I noticed through zooming in on it that you are using an AD9850 DDS with an upper limit of 30mhz. If I were to get the AD9851, with frequency generation up to 70mhz, would this kit be able to handle 6m as long as I used appropriate BPF? Thanks for the creating this project and I will be purchasing one no matter the question, I would just like to know!


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