Taurus 20mt Receiver SSB/CW

Some new kits have been developed by us and are ready to be provided to our customers.

There seems to be a considerable demand for working kits, so we have developed TAURUS DLX
20mt SSB/CW receiver.

The Taurus 20mt receiver works with a single chip MC3362 this RX had been very popular a few years back, we have modified some stages and bought in a kit form working type and the kit type which shall be
available soon, the working Taurus for 20mt will be available from our ebay store and our website.

The Taurus 20mt covers the complete band from 14.000 to 14.350 and the RX performs optimum.
It has also an inbuilt AGC which can be tweaked accordingly. The audio amplifier consist of TDA 7231

Presently the Taurus comes without a case but soon we shall be adding a case to it.



                                                         TAURUS RX BEING TESTED


Unknown said…
Question about the Taurus. Are there plans for a full kit (unbuilt board) and will a digital display be offered?
Yes we are planning a Kit for the Taurus with a frequency counter very soon.
We shall update it on our blog and website.

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Paul Swift said…
Where can you get one of these as I'm very interested
You can get it from our website https://amateurradiokits.in

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