Error In CD files sent with Bitx3B kit

Lately we had started offering CD instead of printed documents for Bitx series constructional manuals.
Some how the CD sent had docs with some missing pictures in the file bitx3b construction manual, we
regret that, we are trying to offer the printed documents again so that the mistake does not occur again.

Most of the Bitx3B files can be found on the Bitx Yahoo Forum too.
This link below is okay and the documents seem to be good.

Very soon we would work on making all files online with fully correct manuals.

best of 73s


Jason said…
I would also like to add to this that the 3C SBL kit needs new instructions. There are many places that the 3B documentation does not come close to what the build process actually is.

Let me state however that this is a great project and I enjoyed it a lot. I feel that I would have enjoyed it more if the documentation were more in line with the build I was attempting.

I plan to build this kit again once I get a bit more familiar with my current radio. You have also been very responsive when I had a question and that is greatly appreciated. The community around this project on Yahoo is also fabulous and there are so many cool things happening over there! Please keep up your work because you have a great product!


That being said, here are a few of my observations from building this kit.

When building the BFO, if you are not building the basic kit, there are components that are not present in the 3C SBL kit such as a 22pf adjustable capacitor and potentiometer at the mixer. The kit instructions give no guidance on what the actual values and signal should look like when attempting to align this particular kit. There are also numerous other component mismatches throughout the entire exciter build.

The extra 3C build notes and modifications text file need to be in the actual documentation file. I'm glad they are there with the documentation and they are easy to forget about. As a result I had to rewind the 50 turn toroid for the VFO because I missed that the two toroids needed to be stacked to increase the vfo stability.

It would be nice to have reference signals that come from the actual build, even if those are in a seperate file. They do compliment the build, but they aren't necessary to the build.
Jason said…
One last thing. I know this isn't easily done, but I struggled sometimes to figure out what a particular component was on the board. Toroids and transistors are labeled with their schematic schematic number, but the capatitors and resistors are labeled with their values on the silkscreen. This makes it incredibly difficult at times to know if a capacitor is supposed to be an NPO or not. It also makes it difficult to locate components later when doing the alignment or troubleshooting issues.
Thanks for your kind feedback Jason. Still I am glad you have been able to build the kit, inspite of the obstacles you faced.

Surely I would like to have more notes and clarity. The Bitx Ver3 the follow up Bitx3B manual's were a great effort by our Hams in USA, OM Leonard And OM Blake, in success of Bitx3 series.

I would like more Hams to come forward and offer their assistance in writing notes for our newer versions like Bitx3c so as to give me more time in developing and getting new kits made.

Thanks and best of 73's
Jason said…
I'll put the call out on the Yahoo group. I think it would be great for us to pull together and help with this!
Yes thanks Jason. This would be a great collective effort. Very soon I am going to publish an article "How to Hack Your Bitx20 Ver3b 3c SBL-1 ADE-1 for 40mt band with minimum changes". Also new boards for our Bitx 3 series 40mt versions and kits will be offered. So it would be great to see active hams who could contribute in making documents for the Bitx3b 3c 20mt and 40mt versions.

Thanks and best of 73's
Syed Mohiddin said…
Consider to send me BITX kit with BITX enclosure case. 73. De VU2VIZ
Hi OM Syed

Kindly email me to know about the Bitx3b or 3C kit you require.
My email

best of 73s
Jason said…
Syed, Please contact me and I will help with English translations.

73, W4UNX

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